Cisco Malaysia – Toll free number

Cisco Malaysia announced new toll free number:

— On Mon, 6/7/09, Cisco wrote:

From: Cisco
Subject: Announcement: Cisco Malaysia New Toll Free Number 1-300-88-1292.
Date: Monday, 6 July, 2009, 8:09 AM

Access to Cisco Just Got Easier in Malaysia

Use this new service when you…

Did you ever have a question and weren’t sure who to contact? Let our Customer Interaction Network (CIN) representatives help you!

Cisco now offers representatives, available toll-free, that can help guide you to the right team, person or resource that can best address your needs. Our goal is simple; providing human interaction to resolve your issue or guide you to the right place, the first time.

  • have a general inquiry
  • want to be connected to a specific employee, organisation or resource
  • need toll free access into Cisco
  • simply don’t know what you need or
    who to contact
  • Contact the Customer Interaction Network today!

Toll Free Access in Malaysia: 1-800-88-1292

Best regards,

Anne Abraham
Managing Director


Mini Gathering

To all my ex-classmate/schoolmate  SK Tambun..

On 18 of June we will have the mini gathering


  • Bowling
  • Karok
  • Movie
  • Makan2
  • Some Discussion  about Intan Weeding on 05 July 2009
  • We will discuss about the official gathering that will be held soon. I hope this…will happen…
  • Etc..

Location: to be announced later (Ipoh Town)

Time: Afternoon

Drop me an email / call /sms / comment here!!


Sun Systems for MySQL


Boost performance, reduce costs
Discover a better way to deploy network services

Learn more at our informative Webinar

Date: 18 June 2009, Thursday
Time: 11:00am (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines)*
10:00am (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)*

* The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long, followed by Q&A.

Register Button

Dear Khairul Adi Johari Tajul Ali,

Speed up application performance, simplify your datacenter, and see cost and energy savings with Sun’s Open Network System for MySQL — integrating and optimizing compute technologies and featuring the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series with new Flash-ready options. These systems are the industry’s only x64 platforms that are optimized to take full advantage of the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series.
Join us for this Web seminar in which we will cover the following topics:
New features on Xeon Processor 5500 Series that speed application performance and improved energy efficiency
Performance benchmarks and energy saving metrics
How integrated flash technologies help eliminate I/O bottlenecks, and provide up to 65x faster response time
Running Linux, Windows, VMware and Solaris environments
Unique Solaris OS performance, power efficiency, reliability and virtualization advantages for running MySQL on the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series.
To learn more or access more information to help you improve your MySQL performance, check out
If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to

Thank you,
Sun Microsystems


15th Birthday Linux

Source: Duggback

Happy 15th Birthday Linux

Hey Linux kernel! You’re 15! You know what that means—look back on fond times, recompile, and gather all of your copyright-reform-loving, terminal-typing friends and have a rager!

After 15 hard punches to the flipper, we’ll recount the important moments in your life and the accomplishments you’ve managed to rack up before even being allowed to legally buy cigarettes and porn in most states:

1987: MINIX, the more dangerous and hardcore older brother you’ve always idolized, was born.

1991: Linus Torvalds is pissed he can’t access his university’s UNIX servers to his liking, so he wrote the code that would become your DNA. Which I guess is better than your parents just getting blind drunk and conceiving you in their Vegas drive-through honeymoon suite.

March 13 1994: Judging by this pretty hardcore looking log file, your version 1.0 was release on this day 15 years ago.

1996: You’re two years old, and you already have a logo. Tux the penguin is created.

1998: Richard Stallman, kind of like your step dad, shaves his beard. It grows back to the same fullness the next day.

November 2000: The first Linux-powered cellphone is announced, the IMT-2000 in Korea. It was developed by SK Telecom, Seoul National University and “PalmPalm Technology.”

2003: IBM releases those creepy ads comparing Linux to an (autistic?) sponge-like kid soaking up all the world’s knowledge.

2004: Ubuntu’s first release. You’re going mainstream kind of!

???: Linux will finally power the toaster in my home.

It’s been a great life, and here’s to many nerdier years to come.

Ok I just wrote a birthday card to an operating system. I think I need to go shotgun a Coors Lite to balance out the 1,020 geek points I just accumulated. Shotgunning it just because, not in honor of any birthday or anything.


Off day

I got 4 days off day..after working 3 days on Morning shift… I’m going back to my hometown – Ipoh… On Wednesday.. I went out for shopping… then bought the new shoes. After that go to OLDTOWN White Coffee . Damm just 2 days can play Sepak Takraw.. I miss my skill.. But i still have my Servis Kuda.. Hehehe….


Then just now (Saturday) bought another stuff..The new BackPack Deuter Gigant, I want the new model.. Deuter Giga 2009. But the new model still not available on that shop. So i proceed to bought the Gigant Model.


Source: Fashion Origin


* Made of Duratex Boden / polytex
* Color: Black
* Weight: 1100 g
* Dimensions: H48 X W35 X D25
* Brand New With tag
* Volume: 32 Litres

– Airstripes back-ventilation system
– Large, file-compatible main compartment
– Large, padded, secondary main compartment suitable for 16-inch laptop
– Contoured padded shoulder straps
– Compression straps
– Comfortable carry handle
– Zippered front pocket
– Divided compartment for computer paraphernalia
– Internal document pocket
– Side mesh pockets
– Removable waist belt
– 3M reflecto

Funny Photo: What my little brother doing > he wear the helmet and glove.. then play with his bicycle  😉



ITIL2 Class and Exam

This everning my TL just called me.. Do some evalution about Linux/Unix. Then she called me again.. for the second time to confirm the ITIL2 Class/Exam on 22 of January.. I need to study why… coz got EXAM

I need to prepare more.. I got the slides already.. Need to print out all the chapter.. oh no.. to much…

Are you ready for it?