Review Prison Break Season 4

WoW awesome, did u all watch Prison Break Season 4 … Today I will add some review about this episode… It more straight forward.. I like it.. how the director/producer can think about this episode.. Got to episode that release Syclla & Breaking and Entering

all the prisoner work together in this season as a team… Scofield, Lic, Sucre, Alex, Sara,Brad… dam…. The only want FREEDOM … but no life warranty…

Sara already come back on this season.. last time the take out the sarah coz she pregnant hahahaha…. Did u all feel how Scofield look like.. he very happy coz can see and make love with sarah again… Before this he already sacrificed… Scofield also has been done the more complicated part that.. he removed/destroyed all the tattoo on his body.. wow…. Pain lol…

The police and special agent also work together to get back the Syclla that memory card contains about all the COMPANY info… but the data need to encrypt first.. hahaha..they also steel the card using the new technology that can read the data from device and transfer it using the signal… they need the BIRD book…T-bag always make the trouble in every season.. he like to become HERO…but totally suck … now I can’t wait for the next 3rd episode…

Whistler also already died.. coz he killed by the COMPANY agent…. Gretchen still alive hahaha… they create the interesting part and make the audience feel how the situation.

Next Episode: Shutdown

Next is Heroes Chapter 3 on September 22, 2008


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