Wish List

1. Notebook – Area-51 m9750 If my father is millionaire only

So i decide to save money to get My dream machine coz my father not the Bill Gates

2. PC @ Server – Area-51 ALX CF If my father is millionaire only

This is not the high-end server setup.. it just the basic thing… If i have the money surely i build the high0-end server…

So i decide to save money to get My dream machine coz my father not the Bill Gates

  • Intel® Core 2™ Extreme Processor (45nm Penryn) with Quad Core Technology
  • 4GB of system memory
  • Intel® X38™ Express Chipset Motherboard
  • Any direct x 10 graphic card support … Nvidia 8600 / Ati 2600 xt coz im not the gamers..
  • 250gb hdd x 4 -sata & any Raptor hdd for my active partition with Linux & Windows -RAID: Options 0 and 1 Available
  • Standard 20x Dual Layer DVD±R/W Drive w/LightScribe Technology
  • Integrated High Performance Wireless-N (802.11n/g/b)
  • Integrated Dual High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1kw @ 1.5 kw PSU
  • Cisco Catalyst router & switch
  • Thermalright Heatsink & Artic Silver Thermal Paste
  • THX Ultra 2


Interview @ Intel

I arrived at Intel -KM3 Lobby – Kulim Hi-Tech Park on 7/11/2007 at around 2.45 pm.. then make a call to Mr. Tee… he ask me to wait coz he has the other candidate there… around 3.25pm he came down.. and register at guard … and get my temporary id.. the then go to 2nd floor… I think go the exam.. but no exam… wah.. very happy… then the ask me to introduce my self blalala… the the want me to explain/function/describe about the Intel Mobo -965 .. very kacang goreng… coz im expert in computer hardware…

The difficult part is about the Linux question… they never mention about the kernel.. wakakaka… so for the hardware support must do some kernel update/compile – make menu config … The other question is about the extension and the package that ubuntu use… dammit.. coz im not familiar with the ubuntu package.. that i know only rpm,tar,bz2.gz…etc.. what package installation that ubuntu use…? deb

After that they ask me about the modding and overclock .. hahaha.. easy to answer lol.. coz i also expert in oc and modding.. but no heavy modding.. the simple2 thing… like sleaving,cable management…. The last question is about the network.. the ask me about the network protocol.. it also very easy coz i just finish the CCNA class.. http,https,ftp blalala.. Then about the ARP – Address Resolution Protocol , i also explain about the flow, arp & rarp , also about the OSI layer…

Then it finish.. and the ask me to waiting for the Call from the Company.. I’m sure that, i can get this job.. but must wait for other 5 candidate result…..

Intel KM3 Lobby

Linux Validation Engineer

On Monday 29 October I attend the interview for Linux Validation Engineer at the NCS Information System office @ Krystal Point Corporate Park – Penang. This NCSIS is the IT company also involved to find the workers @ (BM- Agensi Pekerjaan).

This job is in Intel Kulim. The interview is very easy but the test so difficult lol… tension… But today i get the call from NCS that Intel interested to arrange second interview for me on next week. I know that the second interview more difficult so i must study hard before attend that interview.
Confirmation date 7 November 2007 @ Intel Kulim Hi-Tech Park @ 3.30 PM

Must study hard about the command in the Linux (Kernel)+ Subnetting + Sound Card + Speaker + BIOS + CMOS

But i know something..it Green Badge hahaha…contractor employee ….dammit

Wish me success in the Interview



Tadi aku check kat website SPR tgk status aku, baru skrg ni dia orang nak update lambat tul… so nanti biler ader pilihanraya marilah kita g ngundi ramai2



aku tension giler pasal pc aku tiba2 buat hal 2 hari lepas.. error kuar VSTALDR is compressed sah ar ni ader kaitan pasal mbr.. dah ar cd vista xder kat aku.. xleh nak fix.. aduh tension ar gak.. pastu fedora aku lak buat hal.. grub ok.. tapi biler load ader error.. tension…

pasni aku nak wat tutorial pasal ccna kelas lak ar.. chapter by chapter tgk ar cam ner larat ker tak…