Unifi Update DNS on TRG212M router

To all the Unifi user, by default your router is not allowed user to update the DNS setting. and its not visible by admin account.

Here is the step you can follow to change your DNS setting

1. Login to the router using below credentials

  • Username:  operator
  • Password (default unifi password ):  h566UniFi

2. Go to Setup Tab
3. Click on the WAN at the left

Unifi Update DNS on TRG212M router

4. On the 1_INTERNET_R Click on the edit button in red circle (as per picture) – edit – Credit DE SOPHEA

5.  On the DNS setting tick on Manual radio button and configure your DNS to Google DNS

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

6. Apply the setting

By akuadi

23 thoughts on “Unifi Update DNS on TRG212M router”
  1. thanks. i thought username : admin will be full access to the gateway. that why i didn’t find the way to change the DNS setting. yeah finally i found it. appreciated you share it here.

  2. The UniFi connection in my house is not stable resulting in intermittent lagging. I tested my device in the vendor shop and there is no lagging at all. My router is trg212m. Would appreciate your advice.
    Will a firmware upgrade resolve the problem? Is there any firmware upgrade for trg212m?
    Thank you.

  3. i forget my dns password, and i cnt find it anywhere…is there any way to login to the front page?

  4. Operator password not working for me also. Something seems broken with dns also, connections only working when I manually use static DNS.

  5. hi, was able to get in and change the settings, but it doesnt reflect on my devices… have restarted everything…

  6. i have changed my password it is no more as below
    username – operator
    password – h566UniFi

    Now i can’t remember, i will hard reset this TRG212M. But need to know what are the important info i need to get to setup TRG212M as per original installed by TM Unifi

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