Intel Cuts Price up to 50%.. wow..

Are you thinking to buy the new processor? Buy Intel Core 2, Intel already cut the price of the processor up to 50%

The price of the Core 2 Quad Q6700 (2.66GHz) fell 50 percent from $530 to
$266, while the quad-core Xeon X3230 (2.66GHz) saw an identical cut: from $530
to $266.

Celeron price-cut highlights include the Celeron 430 (1.8GHz),
reduced 23 percent from $44 to $34 and the dual-core Celeron E1200 (1.6GHz),
falling 19 percent from $53 to $43.

The dual-core Xeon 3085 (3GHz) was
reduced 29 percent from $266 to $188, and the Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 (3GHz),
from $266 to $183, or 31 percent.

Pentium dual-core chips saw price
drops too: The E2200 (2.2GHz) and E2180 (2GHz) were cut 12 percent and 14
percent to $74 and $64, respectively.

The chipmaker introduced the
dual-core Celeron E1400 (2GHz) at a price of $53 and Celeron 570 (2.66GHz) at

New Core 2 Duo chips were also introduced. The E8300 (6MB cache,
2.83GHz) and the E7200 (3MB cache, 2.53GHz) at $163 and and $133, respectively.



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