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How to Create ZFS File Systems

    This disk in this tutorial is creating with SAN storage disk # zpool create zdata99 c4t60060E8015320C000001320C00006E7Dd0 c4t60060E8015320C000001320C00006E7Ed0 # zfs create zdata99/d01 # zfs create zdata99/d02 # zfs set...

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Veritas Cluster – Commands

Veritas Cluster – Commands   VRTSvcs        VERITAS Cluster Server VRTSvcswz      VERITAS Cluster Server Wizard VRTScsga       VERITAS Cluster Server Graphical Administrator VRTSgab        VERITAS Group Membership and...

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No update bkn no surprise

Dah baper hari ni xder entry baru… minggu ni agak bz gila..byk benda aku kena buat…..byk masa aku abiskan dengan study jer….Sbb byk sesi soal jawab ni…so study is the good thing to do.. and try to make it...

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RHEL 5.4 on VMWare Workstation

This is the simple step to install RHEL 5.4, i just simply install the OS without any configuration yet. I will put some tutorial how to make the perfect RHEL server later. *please use button read more for more...

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Kernel is out

Sorry for the delay post.. The latest stable kernel V :  is out already on 12 October 2009 Get it here : ; Via FTP : Kernel 2.6* More about Change Log: commit...

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