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  Defensio ? What is that .. Look like the defend system right. Defensio is one of the new application to protect your social web (blog, facebook ) from spam, malware, malicious content,unwanted URLs. You can use this...

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rss Hunger Did you all heard about the rss Hunger before, i dont think so? This is the best way how to increase the traffic for your site.. I will promoted all you site to world. Especially trough the www = world wide web...

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Upgrade WordPress in Linux

Here i attach and show how to upgrade the wordpress using Linux Workstation.. I just copy it from Upgrade WordPress 2.7 in 3 Simple Steps by Vivek Gite [Last updated: December 11, 2008] WordPress...

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New Domain/Hosting

Oh..i just finsih setup my hosting/domain So now all my blog will redirect to here… and now i’m using wordpress as my blog base. *Today i’m not going for shopping huhuhu :(( Lazy.. Maybe next...

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