Maxis Fiber Router Replacement to support VOIP by Expert

Maxis Fiber Router Replacement to support VOIP.

This is very interesting topic to discuss, how to replace the maxis router with your own router to support the VOIP. Maxis fiber come with default router Technicolor TG389AC which for me is not that good for wireless signal especially for Condo type of house.

If you dont like this setup, you can buy DLINK DSL-G2452DG which is around RM300 come with VOIP support.

For this tutorial i will show how to configure the Maxis fiber Internet using your own router


  • Maxis Broadband Router Technicolor RG389A
  • Wireless Router TP-LINK TL-WR841HP ** Make sure your router is Maxis Fiber ready

  • VDSL Model Huawei HG655m
  • DECT Phone by Maxis
    1.  Use the LAN cable and connect the Maxis Router (WAN Port) to VDSL Modem (LAN2)
    2.  Use the LAN cable and connect the TP-Link Router (WAN Port) to VDSL Modem (LAN3)
    3.  Use the LAN cable via LAN4 in VDSL Modem and Connect to your Laptop/Desktop
    4.  Configure Static IP to Ethernet interface to /
    5.  Open Web Browser and type
    6.  Enter Username & Password
      Username : admin
      Password : hs5711Bbvl
    7. Under Basic > WAN and look for ptm1.621 – Maxis use 621 for Internet and 821 for VOIP.
    8. Click connection ptm1.621 and Un-tick Port Binding & VLAN Tagging LAN2
    9. Select Port Binding & VLAN Tagging LAN3 and Submit to save
      Maxis Fiber Router Replacement to support VOIP
    10. Then Configure your own router eg: TP-LINK in this case and configure your Maxis fiber connection via quick setup

  •  Then save & Enjoy. Now you are able to use internet via own router.
  • Please swiff off your Maxis Router Wireless if you dont want to use.
  • Now the Internet is connected via your own Router and VOIP (Phone via Maxis Router)
  • Network diagram as below.
  • Maxis Fiber Router Replacement to support VOIP

OpenOffice 2.4 release

Hi guys i just get the mail from that they already release the new OpenOffice.

The Details Here:

Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:33:27 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
From: “ Update Notice”
Subject: 2.4 now available
To: [email protected]

March 2008

Get the latest
Download 2.4!

Download the latest version and enjoy the many new features of 2.4. The new chart engine introduced with 2.3 has been improved even further. For example, it is now possible to display the equations of trendlines, optimize the placing of labels, assign number formats to data labels, display each part of a data label in a separate line, reverse axes and more. In addition, can now export to PDF/A which is a popular ISO standard for archiving read-only documents. The enhanced extension framework enables extensions to automatically check for updates. Finally, 2.4 introduces VBA support allowing a number of existing VBA macros to be run unmodified. A full list of all the new features including a few screen shots can be found in the 2.4 Release Notes.

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Registering is very easy and straight forward. After installing simply agree to register when the initial startup dialog asks you to or go to “Help – Registration” some time later. The dialog will open a browser window which will introduce the survey as well as the Sun registration. Just follow the instructions for the Sun registration on the web pages. Thank you very much for your support in advance!

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Doing a mail merge using SugarCRM data?

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