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Kisah Parking Ticket

  Petang tadi g lepak OU…merayap….usha2 barang….terbeli pulak baju kat TopMan, then lepak makan kat BBQ Chicken. Pastu masa nak balik tadi…ada benda lawak pulak..Si Jaar ni…time kat auto pay machine dia leh g masukkan ticket...

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I want this!!!

Just now i went to Watch Shop.. I saw the big promotion oh wow 70% for the Everlast L-110 M This watch is not the new arrival stock. Maybe already in market around 1 year. Maybe.. But the design very nice.. Wow very nice…....

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What to do? Quick Update

Yes, I have the mission this week… Shopping and shopping where…Not too sure yet… Pavilion, Times Square, Isetan…But this time i must be aware.. why coz last time i went out for shopping i buy the new arrival stuff....

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I like this Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift VVT DOHC Engine Capacity: 1,490cc 1.5A/T 1.5A/T Premier RM Selling Price 69,548.00 69,548.00 Number Plate 50.00 50.00 H.P Ownership Claim 50.00 50.00 Road Tax – 1 year 90.00 90.00 Registration Fee 150.00...

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Weekend Activity

This weekend i went to KL for window shopping.. And just spent out around RM500++.. damm why so much… hahaha.. I bought 2 Padini shirt (long sleeve), and 1 pant.., RM 50 for Touch n Go. I think every month i must buy at...

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GAP Sweater

I like this sweater huhuhu.. dark charcoal, L from GAP the price only $59.50 = maybe more than RM 198.46. or RM 250 ++ i hope that i can get it in Malaysia.. GAP im...

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