What to do? Quick Update

Yes, I have the mission this week… Shopping and shopping where…Not too sure yet… Pavilion, Times Square, Isetan…But this time i must be aware.. why coz last time i went out for shopping i buy the new arrival stuff. That not the best style to do when u went out for shopping. We must buy the product/item that have the Discount price hahaha..Then must went to my friend house and help his to troubleshoot his pc…

What to bought?

More shirt,pants,shoes,T-shirt…Suzuki Swift (This one is not in my shopping list yet..Hahaha) Oh no.. i need to spent the money on Baju Melayu for my cousin weeding on this December.. This on happen if i still work on normal hours. Hahaha..

For women/ladies/girls.. Start from this saturday 29 of November until 4 of January is The Malaysia Saving Sale.. Dont forget about the period.. hahaha….

“Quote from Malaysia Mega Sale”

It’s the end of the year once more and what better way to bid 2008 goodbye than shop, shop and shop even more! Previously known as the Malaysia Year-End Sale, our all new Malaysia Savings Sale 2008 or MSS brings you 37 days of fantabulous retail therapy, great dining experience and fun entertainment from 29th November 2008 to 4 January 2009. Posh shopping malls, departmental stores and vibrant street marts, whatever your pleasure- you can be sure of filling up those shopping bags to the brim. So get ready to shop your way through a grand year-end holiday season- all on us! HAPPY SHOPPING!

* Remember adi.. Shop to Save NOT Shop to Wasted


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