Category: Data Transmissions

Multicast IP List

Multicast IP List Introduction This page contains all the Multicast IP Addresses and shows what protocol they are mapped to. Should you ever use a packet sniffer to try and see what’s on the network and you capture a...

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Introduction To Multicast

Introduction To Multicast Introduction To understand what we are going to talk about, you must be familiar with how MAC addresses are structured and how they work. The MAC Addresses page is available to help you learn more about...

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Unicast Introduction Compaired to broadcasts and Multicasts, a Unicast is very simple and one of the most common data transmissions in a network. The Reason for Unicast Well it’s pretty obvious why they came up with...

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Data Transmissions

Introduction To Data Transmission Introduction Routable protocols enable the transmission of data between computers in different segments of a network. However, high volumes of certain kinds of network traffic can affect network...

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