Job: Customer Engineer (Network) CCNA

Position :

Ø       Customer Engineer (Network) (Subang, Selangor)

Ø       Headcounts : 60 pax

Ø       Budget : RM1800 – RM2400

Ø       Nationality : Malaysia only for the moment

Ø       Availability : Those who can start within one month preferred.

Qualifications Remarks :

Ø       Degree in IT/Networking/Computer Science or related field

Job Responsibilities :

Ø       Troubleshooting/ fixed all Network related problem on-site.

Ø       To perform Network Health check based on instruction provided.

Ø       Perform network configuration as per requirement give, independently.

Ø       Networking project deployment/network maintenance.

Ø       Preventive Maintenance Work on networking equipment.

Technical Requirement

Ø       Fresh graduate welcome to apply

Ø       Those with working experience in related field will be added advantage.

Ø       CCNA Certification or Juniper Certification will be taken as added advantage.

Ø       Networking troubleshooting, configuration, 1st level on-site networking support, maintenance and network health Check.

Please drop me an email: [email protected]

Intel Close 5 facilities / Shutdown / Layoff / Cut People

Intel will closed 5 of their facilities world wide due the lack of world economic. It will affected to 5000-6000 Employees world wide. That they offer the VSS to employee? not to sure yet..For the Malaysia employee who work in penang maybe will relocate to KM1,KM2,KM3,KM5,KM6 (based at Kulim). Where the engineer will base later.. got any job opening for BDCM (Board Design Centre Malaysia). Jobs at Intel:

I work there before at KM3…

Here more news:


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 21, 2009 – Intel Corporation today disclosed plans to restructure some of its manufacturing operations and align its manufacturing capacity to current market conditions. The company will consolidate and streamline some older capacity without impacting the deployment of new, leading-edge 45-nanometer and 32-nanometer manufacturing capacity.

The company plans to close two existing assembly test faci

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IT Certification

Did you all here this before about this company koenig-solutions

This company are base in India. It provide a lot of training/certification. The best this is.. if you dont have the place to stay when doing the training.. they can provided it.. It include in the training/cert price… Most of the training is boot camp ,RHCE, NCLE, Solaris, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, LP1,LP12, to many…

Here i provided same example of the training including the price and accomondation.

Source: koenig-solutions



Delhi Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20-A, IInd Floor, Shivaji Marg, Moti Nagar
New Delhi, Postal Code – 110015, (India)

Shimla (Himalaya Mountains) Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Sunbreeze Inn building
Main Bus Stand
Sanjauli, Shimla-171006.
Himachal Pradesh (India)

Goa Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
3rd Floor, B/T1,
Campal Trade Centre,
Opp. Kala Akademy,
Panjim, Goa – 403001, (India)

Dehradun Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt Ltd,
Plot # 22, IT Park,
Sahashdhara Road,
Dehradun, (India)

Fax: +91 11 25886909
Email: [email protected]

Telephone 24 x 7 : +91 98102 64199
(only from outside India)

ITIL v2 – Foundation Cert

I just passed my ITIL v2… But it not the real exam that u taking in the authorized training centre. It the exam with my company. So i will get cert by my company. I think i wanna take the real exam soon but, i must re -sit again my NCLP… The passing mark for ITIL is only 26/40 or = to 65 %. Dont think it easy because the question a little bit tricky.

ITIL2 Class and Exam

This everning my TL just called me.. Do some evalution about Linux/Unix. Then she called me again.. for the second time to confirm the ITIL2 Class/Exam on 22 of January.. I need to study why… coz got EXAM

I need to prepare more.. I got the slides already.. Need to print out all the chapter.. oh no.. to much…

Are you ready for it?

Centos Server

Yes, tomorrow i got a new project.. DHCP/DNS server. I will install it on the real Server.. IBM… what os I choose.. Centos 5.2 .Why because the customer don’t want to  bought the OS (SLES,RHEL)

The bad thing is.. i need go to their place to setup… dammit.. i think better bring the server to my home… the update will take more times…n waste my time…

Job with Ubuntu @ Canonical

This position is similar to my previous task at Intel. Hardware Certification

Ubuntu Senior Certification Engineer

Posting Date: November 2008
Job Location: Your home (given appropriate facilities including broadband Internet) in an American or European time zone.
Job Summary: Hold responsibility for the delivery of manual and automated testing for certification and hardware enablement. Quality Assurance Team Manager
Reports To: Quality Assurance Team Manager

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Deliver manual and automated testing of Ubuntu on a range of hardware under the certification program including hands-on testing, test coordination and project management
  • Provide test reports to certification partners and the Ubuntu platform team
  • Work within the Ubuntu platform team to improve the test infrastructure and test plans to meet the needs of the distribution and hardware partners
  • Work with Ubuntu developers and hardware partners to perform detailed debugging of failures
  • Advise the release team regarding the support status of certified hardware
  • Evaluate required test coverage for incoming hardware
  • Participate in regular development meetings involving international travel

Required skills and experience:

  • Strong understanding of the make-up of a modern GNU/Linux distribution, preferably Ubuntu or Debian.
  • Strong project management skills, including ability to coordinate a team to deliver several parallel projects according to strict deadlines
  • Experience with system-level debugging
  • Experience with Python programming or other scripting languages
  • Strong English language communication skills, especially in on-line environments such as mailing lists and IRC.
  • Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self-discipline and self-motivation, delivering according to schedule

* i’m working on night shift now..

DHCP,DNS,MAIL,LAMP Server on Ubuntu

Yesterday i went to one of the Perak Gov office..They want to setup the DHCP server on the capalang pc..hahaha.. P4 and only 256 RAM… So the best OS to install on it is Ubuntu i think. It easier to manage by their staff later..

What are inside that server:

I just follow the simple guide from HowToForge

  • Web Server: Apache 2.2 with PHP 5.2.6, Python, and Ruby
  • Database Server: MySQL 5.0
  • Mail Server: Postfix
  • DNS Server: BIND9
  • FTP Server: proftpd
  • POP3/IMAP: postfix
  • Webalizer for web site statistics

Credit and thanks to HowToForge

Then adding the DHCP server, and ISPConfig

For DHCP server make sure you install the dhcp3-server first. Then edit the configuration file

vi /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf file > sample of the configuration file.

default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;

option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address;
option routers;
option domain-name-servers,;
option domain-name “”;

subnet netmask {

To setup the ISPConfig it will make a little bit time.. And make sure you really understand what the requirement for the setup. If it already meet the requirement just run the setup file… ./setup

that all.

New Year 2009

This is my wish list for the previous time..

Completed my self studies on:

Novell Course

  • 3071-SUSE Linux Enterprise Server10 Fundamentals > Done
  • 3072-SUSE Linux Enterprise Server10 Administration > Done
  • 3073-SUSE Linux Enterprise Server10 Advance Administration > Done

Then any Professional Certification

  • : NCLP > Done but failed..
  • Good career in Server/Network Field – Vendor/Support or Large Company > go to HP
  • Continue my studies in Degree – Part Time Classes. > not to sure
  • Get my own Car and House > Soon

Next is retake the NCLP exam.. Learn more about UNIX.. become g33k in future.. hehehe…make more love.. become Linux Master…