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Job: Customer Engineer (Network) CCNA

Position : Ø       Customer Engineer (Network) (Subang, Selangor) Ø       Headcounts : 60 pax Ø       Budget : RM1800 – RM2400 Ø       Nationality : Malaysia only for the moment Ø       Availability : Those who can start within...

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IT Certification

Did you all here this before about this company koenig-solutions This company are base in India. It provide a lot of training/certification. The best this is.. if you dont have the place to stay when doing the training.. they...

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Job with Ubuntu @ Canonical

This position is similar to my previous task at Intel. Hardware Certification Ubuntu Senior Certification Engineer Posting Date: November 2008 Job Location: Your home (given appropriate facilities including broadband Internet)...

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For Geek/1337

Who ar Geek,1337.. here you go Linux Validation Engineer – 562672 Responsibilities and Details Description In this position, you will be responsible for working on moblin project in SSG and/or SSD and/or Open Source Technology...

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