MSC Malaysia via its K-Workers Development Initiatives (KDI) is driving the provision of last mile skills training to potential knowledge workers (k-workers) for the ICT industry. Trainings are currently done through partnerships with training providers appointed by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDeC). MSC Malaysia Job Camp, a KDI programme, provides fresh graduates and available k-workers the necessary training to fill immediate vacancies in MSC Malaysia Status companies.

One of the skill sets offered under MSC Malaysia Job Camp is SAP ABAP Programme. KnowledgeCom Corporation, the SAP Authorized Education Partner e-Academy is one the training providers entrusted to coordinate and deliver you this training.

KnowledgeCom Corporation Sdn Bhd is an established multi-national Business Intelligence / Corporate Training provider in the South East Asia region. The company has provided various types of indoor IT Trainings and Corporate Trainings to more than 1,000 companies in the region. KnowledgeCom is currently seeking graduates who are keen to pursue a career in SAP with the following details:



  • Free training for successful applicants, which does not include food, transportation and accommodation.
  • Job placement opportunities
  • Enhance employability in the SAP job market upon completion the job placement


  • Available k-workers (fresh graduates, unemployed, in-between jobs or retrenched) interested in a career in the ICT industry
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Diploma/Degree holders in ICT-related fields
  • Minimum CGPA 2.5 and above
  • Pass pre-assessment test
  • Attend full time training (6 weeks)
  • Classes will commerce from 4th May 2009 onwards.

Email me: [email protected]

Kernel Architecture

Did you want to learn more about Linux Kernel Architecture. I think i want… Some books that i found in Kinokuniya. When to implement it? when u working in Hardware areas? Like Intel (Motherboard,embedded), IBM,HP, SUN, but in hardware field

343432 cover.indd

Kinokuniya Price:MYR191.80

More books: Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya DataBase Search Result 7 matches 1. Professional Linux Kernel Architecture(PAP) -US-
Mauerer, Wolfgang / Publisher:Wrox Pr Inc Published 2008/10 MYR191.80

2. Designing BSD Rootkits : An Introduction to Kernel Hacking(PAP) -US-
Kong, Joseph / Publisher:No Starch Pr Published 2007/04 MYR91.05

3. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell)(PAP) -US-
Kroah-Hartman, Greg / Publisher:Oreilly & Associates Inc Published 2006/12 MYR115.45

4. Solaris Internals : Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture(HRD) 2ND Edition -US-
McDougall, Richard / Mauro, Jim / Publisher:Prentice Hall Published 2006/07 MYR234.00

5. Symbian OS Internals : Real-time Kernel Programming(PAP) -US-
Sales, Jane / Coppeard, Jon / Tasker, Martin / Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc Published 2005/12 MYR400.00

6. Understanding the Linux Kernel(PAP) 3RD Edition -US-
Bovet, Daniel P. / Cesati, Marco / Publisher:Oreilly & Associates Inc Published 2005/11 MYR164.85

7. The Linux Kernel Primer : A Top-down Approach for X86 and Powerpc Architectures(PAP) -US-
Rodriguez, Claudia Salzberg / Fischer, Gordon / Smolski, Steven / Publisher:Prentice Hall Published 2005/09 MYR146.00


Professional Linux Kernel Architecture
ISBN: 978-0-470-34343-2
1368 pages
October 2008
Price: US $59.99
List Price: $59.99
Price: $37.79 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
You Save: $22.20 (37%)

IT Certification

Did you all here this before about this company koenig-solutions

This company are base in India. It provide a lot of training/certification. The best this is.. if you dont have the place to stay when doing the training.. they can provided it.. It include in the training/cert price… Most of the training is boot camp ,RHCE, NCLE, Solaris, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, LP1,LP12, to many…

Here i provided same example of the training including the price and accomondation.

Source: koenig-solutions



Delhi Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20-A, IInd Floor, Shivaji Marg, Moti Nagar
New Delhi, Postal Code – 110015, (India)

Shimla (Himalaya Mountains) Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Sunbreeze Inn building
Main Bus Stand
Sanjauli, Shimla-171006.
Himachal Pradesh (India)

Goa Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
3rd Floor, B/T1,
Campal Trade Centre,
Opp. Kala Akademy,
Panjim, Goa – 403001, (India)

Dehradun Centre
Koenig Solutions Pvt Ltd,
Plot # 22, IT Park,
Sahashdhara Road,
Dehradun, (India)

Fax: +91 11 25886909
Email: [email protected]

Telephone 24 x 7 : +91 98102 64199
(only from outside India)

ITIL v2 – Foundation Cert

I just passed my ITIL v2… But it not the real exam that u taking in the authorized training centre. It the exam with my company. So i will get cert by my company. I think i wanna take the real exam soon but, i must re -sit again my NCLP… The passing mark for ITIL is only 26/40 or = to 65 %. Dont think it easy because the question a little bit tricky.

ITIL2 Class and Exam

This everning my TL just called me.. Do some evalution about Linux/Unix. Then she called me again.. for the second time to confirm the ITIL2 Class/Exam on 22 of January.. I need to study why… coz got EXAM

I need to prepare more.. I got the slides already.. Need to print out all the chapter.. oh no.. to much…

Are you ready for it?

DHCP,DNS,MAIL,LAMP Server on Ubuntu

Yesterday i went to one of the Perak Gov office..They want to setup the DHCP server on the capalang pc..hahaha.. P4 and only 256 RAM… So the best OS to install on it is Ubuntu i think. It easier to manage by their staff later..

What are inside that server:

I just follow the simple guide from HowToForge

  • Web Server: Apache 2.2 with PHP 5.2.6, Python, and Ruby
  • Database Server: MySQL 5.0
  • Mail Server: Postfix
  • DNS Server: BIND9
  • FTP Server: proftpd
  • POP3/IMAP: postfix
  • Webalizer for web site statistics

Credit and thanks to HowToForge

Then adding the DHCP server, and ISPConfig

For DHCP server make sure you install the dhcp3-server first. Then edit the configuration file

vi /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf file > sample of the configuration file.

default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;

option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address;
option routers;
option domain-name-servers,;
option domain-name “domain.org”;

subnet netmask {

To setup the ISPConfig it will make a little bit time.. And make sure you really understand what the requirement for the setup. If it already meet the requirement just run the setup file… ./setup

that all.

Just Failed NCLP

Dammit.. i just failed my NCLP em.. i make the careless mistake… the last part.. i did’t score on it… Shell script… <.sh>

what is my mistake.. i configure the wrong path for the log…. so the backup script running on the server is not the right thing…the script running but… the log is in different part.. so it will make me fail for all the end of section… the cron is running..but the script is wrong…. so i lose the 200 mark overthere…

[[email protected]]$ setfacl -m u:axel:rw-
[[email protected]]$ getfacl pizza

ACL already wrongly configure for the Group so it will make my NFS wrongly

The group also wrongly configure...But seriously i really2 need to resit this exam....
For the next exam i need to be make sure that no more careless mistake...

Working on Shift & Last Project @ Intel

OMG.. this Sunday i will start working on Shift.. after my validation today..8am to 8pm…On friday is my NCLP exam.. oh.. my head full of UNIX Command now..how about SLES… hahaha…dont mix it up..dont close the YAST… use the rcxxxx …xxxx is service…dont forget about the syslog.ng… troubleshoot the user permission access.

My last project at Intel already success DQ45CB, DQ45CB SYSTEMDG41Ty

This is my First SLED/SLES Project at Intel DG35EC

ITIL Foundation

Just Today, I attend the Full day class of ITIL Foundation. This class damm boring. But the contains is very nice and good to have it.


ITIL delivers tried and tested processes that ensure predictable, repeatable and reliable outcomes in IT, ensuring the delivery of value to the business. Benefits include:

  • Improved use of IT investments
  • Integration of business and IT value
  • Portfolio driven service assets
  • Clear demonstration of ROI
  • Agile adaptation and flexible service models
  • Performance and measures that are business value based

Source/ More Info: OGC

Maybe I will take the exam on January

Examination details

Number of questions: 40
Pass mark: 65 % (26 out of 40)

Certification – it the best choice for Linux geek

Today I got the Linux Format Magazine (LXF – October). On the top of cover got the “HOT TOPIC” = $$$$ Cash for knowledge – Get your Linux skills certified and walk into a dream job.. This what I’m doing right now.. Get more certs and earn more… and get the jobs that you like.

Some paragraphs that I copied from that magazine.

“All you need to do is get certifications-something that a potential employer will recognize on you CV.”

“Professional training schemes cost professional amounts of money, and if you’re lucky, this sum will be footed by our employer. Training is expensive, but that’s because the rewards are usually worth the effort in term of better pay and job satisfaction” Source LFX

For me the money is not the problem for the company… If employer wants the quality of services they should send the employee for the training… Hands on training.. No online material or eBook …Employee also can gain more skill/knowledge… it will represent the quality services for the employer…But I think it will work for the MSC/MNC status company. How about the local company that not have this status.. But make more profit… They should send also… Employer should take care of every employee.. Don’t make your employee leave if they have the skill that required for that job. To find the Linux people is not easy…trust me.. where to find this geek people…where are they.. all are in HP/IBM..hahaha

Top ranking Certification:




Last time when I attend the Novell Certified Linux Professional Course my instructor told me that NCLE more difficult than the RHCE.. When I do the comparison yes it true… but RHCT more difficult than the NCLP… But got the certain part that more difficult in NCLP is syslog-ng…. But now I can understand the concept of syslog-ng already..Thanks to my instructor…

But for future I don’t know yet.. I will go to Linux Certification (NCLE) or HP CSA (Because my new post is UNIX…) I think I should go to UNIX… this is suitable for me… Let me feel first…How the UNIX life…. Maybe I also can learn more about UNIX.. I will support SERVER… Server…no more Motherboard Certification… This experience very2 valuable for my future…

If you’re Linux User/ g33k / 1337 the certification is important.. You will specialized in the UNIX/Linux field… no more MISC stuff to be done… for sure no more windows….