Today I got the Linux Format Magazine (LXF – October). On the top of cover got the “HOT TOPIC” = $$$$ Cash for knowledge – Get your Linux skills certified and walk into a dream job.. This what I’m doing right now.. Get more certs and earn more… and get the jobs that you like.

Some paragraphs that I copied from that magazine.

“All you need to do is get certifications-something that a potential employer will recognize on you CV.”

“Professional training schemes cost professional amounts of money, and if you’re lucky, this sum will be footed by our employer. Training is expensive, but that’s because the rewards are usually worth the effort in term of better pay and job satisfaction” Source LFX

For me the money is not the problem for the company… If employer wants the quality of services they should send the employee for the training… Hands on training.. No online material or eBook …Employee also can gain more skill/knowledge… it will represent the quality services for the employer…But I think it will work for the MSC/MNC status company. How about the local company that not have this status.. But make more profit… They should send also… Employer should take care of every employee.. Don’t make your employee leave if they have the skill that required for that job. To find the Linux people is not easy…trust me.. where to find this geek people…where are they.. all are in HP/IBM..hahaha

Top ranking Certification:




Last time when I attend the Novell Certified Linux Professional Course my instructor told me that NCLE more difficult than the RHCE.. When I do the comparison yes it true… but RHCT more difficult than the NCLP… But got the certain part that more difficult in NCLP is syslog-ng…. But now I can understand the concept of syslog-ng already..Thanks to my instructor…

But for future I don’t know yet.. I will go to Linux Certification (NCLE) or HP CSA (Because my new post is UNIX…) I think I should go to UNIX… this is suitable for me… Let me feel first…How the UNIX life…. Maybe I also can learn more about UNIX.. I will support SERVER… Server…no more Motherboard Certification… This experience very2 valuable for my future…

If you’re Linux User/ g33k / 1337 the certification is important.. You will specialized in the UNIX/Linux field… no more MISC stuff to be done… for sure no more windows….