MSC Malaysia via its K-Workers Development Initiatives (KDI) is driving the provision of last mile skills training to potential knowledge workers (k-workers) for the ICT industry. Trainings are currently done through partnerships with training providers appointed by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDeC). MSC Malaysia Job Camp, a KDI programme, provides fresh graduates and available k-workers the necessary training to fill immediate vacancies in MSC Malaysia Status companies.

One of the skill sets offered under MSC Malaysia Job Camp is SAP ABAP Programme. KnowledgeCom Corporation, the SAP Authorized Education Partner e-Academy is one the training providers entrusted to coordinate and deliver you this training.

KnowledgeCom Corporation Sdn Bhd is an established multi-national Business Intelligence / Corporate Training provider in the South East Asia region. The company has provided various types of indoor IT Trainings and Corporate Trainings to more than 1,000 companies in the region. KnowledgeCom is currently seeking graduates who are keen to pursue a career in SAP with the following details:



  • Free training for successful applicants, which does not include food, transportation and accommodation.
  • Job placement opportunities
  • Enhance employability in the SAP job market upon completion the job placement


  • Available k-workers (fresh graduates, unemployed, in-between jobs or retrenched) interested in a career in the ICT industry
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Diploma/Degree holders in ICT-related fields
  • Minimum CGPA 2.5 and above
  • Pass pre-assessment test
  • Attend full time training (6 weeks)
  • Classes will commerce from 4th May 2009 onwards.

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