Dammit.. i just failed my NCLP em.. i make the careless mistake… the last part.. i did’t score on it… Shell script… <.sh>

what is my mistake.. i configure the wrong path for the log…. so the backup script running on the server is not the right thing…the script running but… the log is in different part.. so it will make me fail for all the end of section… the cron is running..but the script is wrong…. so i lose the 200 mark overthere…

[fail@NCLP]$ setfacl -m u:axel:rw-
[fail@NCLP]$ getfacl pizza

ACL already wrongly configure for the Group so it will make my NFS wrongly

The group also wrongly configure...But seriously i really2 need to resit this exam....
For the next exam i need to be make sure that no more careless mistake...

By akuadi

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