Fedora 12 Alpha Release is Available now

Fedora 12 Alpha Release, codename “Constantine” is available now.

Alpha release mean that all the user can help to test and help this team to find / submit the bugs to the Fedora team. If all the bugs already fix, then they will release the next version aka Beta version. Fedora team aim that the final realease of Fedora 12 will out on November.

And the big news is.. Most of the new disto release will replace IM Client Pidgin with the Empathy

You can log all the bug at Bugzilla . Get your pre-release here : Pre-Release

Fedora 12 Alpha Release Announcement : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Alpha_Announcement

New on Fedora 12:

  • Better webcam support – Out of the box support for a lot of new webcams has been extended further than ever.
  • Empathy as default IM client – Empathy is an instant messenger client replacing Pidgin, featuring better integration with the GNOME Desktop.
  • GNOME 2.27.90 beta and KDE 4.3 – The latest code from the two main desktop environments and their many bundled supporting applications are part of this release. GNOME 2.27.90 is the latest GNOME version as of the Alpha release; GNOME 2.28 is planned for the final release.

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Mandriva Linux 2010 Alpha 2

Mandriva Linux 2010 Alpha 2 also available now..

Source / Credit : Mandriva Wiki

Mandriva : ftp://ftp.nara.wide.ad.jp/pub/Linux/Mandrakelinux/devel/iso/2010.0/

Some info about Mandriva Linux 2010:

KDE 4.3 RC 3

This pre-release includes the lastest RC release of KDE 4.3 (also know as 4.2.98). This release will add many new features to KDE 4, including some that were notably present in KDE 3 but lacking in KDE 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2, along with some brand new features. It should also provide a more stable desktop experience than KDE 4.2. A list of features planned for KDE 4.3, along with their current status, can be found here. There is a shorter prose write up of several of the new features, based on Beta 1 rather than Beta 2, here and here 2 and here 3 .

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Disk Space issues

Show the disk usage:


# bdf /


# df -k /

#df -h /


echo “DIR: `pwd`”; du -sk * |  awk ‘{ printf (“- %s \t\t(%sMB) \t\n”,$2,$1/1024) }’ | sort -t\( -n -r +1

Find the large file:

find /var -size +10000 -exec ls -ld {} \;

find /opt  -size +5000 -exec ls -ld {} \;

find /usr -xdev -size +1000000c -type f -exec ls -la {} \; 2>/dev/null| sort +4n | tail -10


Server Rebooted

#last | grep -i boot | head
#grep -i restart /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
#tail /etc/shutdownlog

#last | grep -i boot | head
#grep -i restart /var/log/messages

#last | grep -i boot | head
#grep -i restart /var/adm/messages


and also check the cron if got any schedule rebooted.

#crontab -l


Google Server / Platform

Google Server / Platform

Source: Googlesystem

Server Name
GWS (Google Web Server) Web Search, Image Search and many other services
GFE/1.3 (Google Front-End) Gmail, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Docs, Blogger, orkut, Reader and many other services
GWS-GRFE/0.50 Groups
bsfe (Blog Search Front-End) Blog Search
OFE/0.1 (Ocean Front-End) Book Search, Patent Search, Catalogs (Ocean is Google Book Search’s code-name)
SMS search frontend 1.0 Google SMS
Search-History HTTP Server Web History
Auto-Completion Server Google Suggest, Firefox/Google Toolbar auto-complete
TrustRank Frontend Safe Browsing
GCS/1.0 Safe Browsing
SFE/0.8 Finance
FTS (C)1997-2007 Interactive Data Managed Solutions AG Finance charts
asfe Base
mediaserver Base (images)
cffe Product Search (Froogle)
btfe Thumbnails: Image Search, Google Video, Youtube
Video Stats Server Google Video
cachefe:image (Cache Front-End) Picasa Web photos
staticfe interface images (Picasa Web)
ctcserver Google Call ( www.google.com/call )
GoogleChartServer/1.0 used for dynamically-generated charts (e.g.: Google Video’s stats)
NFE/1.0 (News Front-End) News
mfe (Maps Front-End) Maps
Keyhole Server 2.4 Maps, Earth (imagery)
PSFE/4.0 Alerts
igfe (iGoogle Front-End) iGoogle
COMINST/1.0 Testing software installation (Pack, Picasa)
TWS/0.9 (Translation Web Server) Translate
mws (Music Web Server) Music Search
R2FE/1.0 (Reviews Front-End) Reviews (Music, Movies)
zfe Reviews
pfe Co-op
codesite/5477219 Code
ga-reporting-fe Analytics reporting
ucfe Analytics
lpfe Analytics (www.google-analytics.com/siteopt.js)
Toolbar Gaia User Service Server Google Toolbar authentication
cafe (Ad Conversion Front-End) Conversions
AdClickServer Google test ad server
Google Trends Google Trends
TFE/0.0 (Transliteration Front-End) Google Indic Transliteration
Apache most Labs services

Free stuff from Novell / SUSE 11

Novell Inc offering the fress stuff when their launching the SuSe Linux Enterprise 11.


From: Novell

Hey, we’ve got a little budget, and we like to have fun (all work, no play makes [your name here] a dull….yada, yada….) and we’re excited about the SLE 11 launch so we’re hoping you will play along. We’ll make it worth your time and effort by giving you a GOOD chance to get a T-Shirt, and at least a chance of getting something better. We’ve come up a couple of fun activities we’re hoping you’ll participate in if you get the chance. Get started with these and stay tuned for more:

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Geocaching

What do you do with Linux? (Create a Video)