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Streamyx Down lg…

Benci gila aku ngan streamyx ni…dari kul 2am…smlm buat problem.. Tiba2 DSL padam… so time tu..aku malas nak call coz dah ngantuk gila… Then pagi tadi bangun jer..terus call TMNut… Inform dia orang...

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Dell Support Services is Awesome

My Dell Wide-screen Flat Panel just broken.. 🙁 ..But luckily still got 3 years warranty. Then, contact Dell Hardware Support via Chat Session  at Dell Hardware Support for warranty , and it just take me 5 minutes. And guess what...

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Linux TV

Did you have any TV Card on your workstation.. Make it works with Linux…Here is some tutorial and tips about the device. More info : LinuxTV Linux TV Wiki: Wiki The LinuxTV project develops and maintains the DVB driver...

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