Did you facing the issues with the filesystem in Centos server especially /tmp full. For the webhosting company this /tmp is very important. If your server is install with the Cpanel please follow this method to increase the filesystem.

(Changes the value of  fs size to > 102400 or more) >>  vi /scripts/securetmp

akuadi@server1 [~]#vi /scripts/securetmp
akuadi@server1 [~]#service mysql stop
akuadi@server1 [~]#service httpd stop
akuadi@server1 [~]#umount /var/tmp
akuadi@server1 [~]#umount /tmp
akuadi@server1 [~]#rm -rf /usr/tmpDSK
akuadi@server1 [~]#/scripts/securetmp –auto
akuadi@server1 [~]#service mysql start
akuadi@server1 [~]#service httpd start
akuadi@server1 [~]#df -h

By akuadi

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