To all my ex-classmate/schoolmate  SK Tambun..

On 18 of June we will have the mini gathering


  • Bowling
  • Karok
  • Movie
  • Makan2
  • Some Discussion  about Intan Weeding on 05 July 2009
  • We will discuss about the official gathering that will be held soon. I hope this…will happen…
  • Etc..

Location: to be announced later (Ipoh Town)

Time: Afternoon

Drop me an email / call /sms / comment here!!


65 thoughts on “Mini Gathering

  1. You people are dumb
    It’s not saying those music you listen to MAKE YOU DUMB
    Take a statistics class.
    The results show a correlation….not causation. All the statistic reports is that
    DUMB people TEND TO LIKE THOSE MUSIC (little wayne)
    SMARTEST PEOPLE tend to LIKE classical MUSIC OK!?!?
    Why this is so is not explained by the study.

  2. While I agree that this graph is unscientific, it still represents what EVERYONE on here knows but is to afraid to say aloud : Fans of rap and other “black” music consistently show a lower intelligence than others on average.

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