22 thoughts on “New Year 2010 at Mutiara Damansara

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  3. By the end of the year you will see the decline of the euro dollar to an all time never to be seen before low. This will be due to the events that will be transpiring within the next six months in the Balkans. Trust me on this one. Let these Euros(the people) enjoy this temporary laugh that they are having on our dollar.

  4. Jen, that is so true. That was one of the mistakes we made by buying the for now furniture. We ve decided not to do that this time and just go without until we find the piece that is classic and will last. 2 of the items of furniture I do have to take with us are old pieces that have been reworked m

  5. ohh come on, we can’t go on a “censoring trip”, if that was so, then if i didn’t like pornography so i would make google take it of, or i didn’t like Cuba, so all articles related with Cuba had to be removed, nooo the problem is how shitty wikipedia is, google is just doing what they are supposed, wikipedia has millions of internal links and other sites pointing, and of course google algorithms then get triggered and put wikipedia first…

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