Tak sangka pulak kejap jer dah tahun 2008 n umur aku pun dah cecah 22 tahun… aduh dah tua ar… biler la lagi aku nak dapat RHCE ni.. umur dah tua… kena study hard for this exam .. wish me luck for future

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  2. The import filter you’re talking about is to import users into the Profile Database. You don’t need to (and I’m pretty sure can’t) import AD security groups into the profile database – these are basically two separate issues. As long as your SharePoint environment is in the domain, you can use AD security groups (not distribution groups) in that domain to assign permissions in SharePoint – either directly or within SharePoint security groups. As long as SharePoint can recognize the AD group, it should work. You don’t have to import anything for the AD group to be recognized. One thing to check is whether or not the AD group you’re using is a security group and not just a distribution group. Distribution groups cannot be used to assign permissions. What is confusing is that some group entities in AD are both distribution groups AND security groups.

  3. How can I add a hit counter to my blogger blog? Detailed instructions would be appreciated. I searched counter on google and i can get this html code but i dont know what to do with it. Thanks!.

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