Crazy Week

This month i’m very busy.. Got a lot of board certification to run on different disto RHEL 5.2 , Ubuntu 8.04 & Next Project SUSE.. Seriously the RHEL 5.2 & Ubuntu very simple but SUSE very hard. The hardware requirement for this test very high and a lot of item to setup.


114 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. Very interesting comments. I have an idea, let’s take a few infants from some black family, the ones that grow up to be gangsters/drug dealers/rappers and force them to listen to Beethoven and see how they score, I bet they get a perfect score, after smoking crack nonetheless too.:-)

  2. i dont know, i guess you could speculate that certain type of people listin to certain music and that accounts for the variance but this in kind of silly if you ask me.

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