The value and Kernel Development

Did you know how the kernel development work. I know it very hard to make the kernel working. Most are developers working together. Not like Carnonical aka Ubuntu… They take but never return said by Greg Kroah-Hartman. This one already explained by him on my previous post

You all can view the picture how the kernel development process.

Source: Thanks to Linux Foundation for their statistic
Milestones in Linux Kernel Development History
Linux Foundation

Development Cost Milestones

Production Kernel Version

Actual Estimated Development Cost (2008 dollars)

$100 million

Linux 2.0.37


$200 million

Linux 2.2.7


$400 million

Linux 2.4.2


$600 million

Linux 2.4.22


$800 million

Linux 2.6.11


$1.0 billion

Linux 2.6.19


$1.2 billion

Linux 2.6.26


SLOC Milestones

Production Kernel Version

Actual Source Lines of Code

1 million

Linux 2.2.1


2 million

Linux 2.4.0


3 million

Linux 2.4.20


4 million

Linux 2.6.6


5 million

Linux 2.6.19


6 million

Linux 2.6.26



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