Today morning i do some research and review about the Debian 4 @ Etch @ GNU/Linux, the lalest/new Debian will come out in 2nd quarter 2008. So after done the review i decide to try the Etch in my machnine that running using the VMWare. But before that i must download the media first. So I download the DVD-i386 version, it consist of 3 dvd the total size is 12.9GB, too big

debian-40r1-i386-DVD-1.iso 19-Aug-2007 13:45 4.4G
debian-40r1-i386-DVD-2.iso 19-Aug-2007 13:47 4.4G
debian-40r1-i386-DVD-3.iso 19-Aug-2007 13:50 4.1G

Debian is a distribution that emphasizes free software. It is supported on many hardware platforms.Debian and distributions based on it use the .deb package format and the dpkg package manager.

Knoppix is itself based on Debian.

Ubuntu is based on Debian

Source : Wiki

I think it take around 3 days to finish the downloading proses that took around
8-13 hours per dvd. So waiting for my media first then install it into my VMWare.

Screen shot


Package Cycle