File Sharing for Linux & Windows

step by step configuring samba server
samba – protocol to enable the cross platform between linux to other platform

smb services – service to start samba server

windows client to linux samba server
linux samba server
1) vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
2) :set nu= to show the line number in vi
3) go to line 58 , look for security =user , change to security=share
4) go to line 219 , look for ‘this is is useful for people to share the file’, under it
change [tmp] -> [shared] , remove the ; at the left hand side = this line is for shared name
path: /tmp -> /installation =the location that u’re going to share the file
read only =no -> read only =yes (depends on your need)= permission for the directory
public->yes = if put no , user unable to see the content
5)service smb start
6)service iptables stop

the number is not same for all distro k.. try to find it…

windows client
1)go to “start” , “run” , type cmd
2)ping samba server ip address
3)if reply, good news! ,
4)go to “Start” , “run” , input \\
note:command prompt way to connect, refer to netuse command

linux client connects to windows share server
windows share server
1)create a new folder name myshare,right click properties, click the “shared” tab at the top,
select everybody, tick all the permissions, click apply
2) select security tab , select everybody , tick all the permissions, click apply
3) make sure you off windows firewall
note :right click network connection, select advance, windows firewall,off the firewall

linux command way client
1)ping windows server
2)if reply , good news!
3)smbclient -L -U administrator press enter
4)List out all the share content from windows
note: -L = List out the contents
-U = user
5)smbclient // -U administrator
get 1234.txt
1234.txt successful copied

linux X windows(GUI) client
1)imagine u sudah ping, it replies
2)open your browser, konquer or firefox
4)input administrator for the username and password for administrator
5)select the particular file , double click , choose save as


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