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  1. People are yours alright! . We at the least have to get these individuals stealing photos to get started on running a blog! They most likely just did a picture lookup and grabbed them. They search excellent although!

  2. a virtuoso is defined by a player that makes the most technical of passages seem easy. not the easiest term to define by that, but most textbooks will have a definition closest to that. Although many virtuosos did have composers that would write music specifically for them. I know paganini had his own composer but his name escapes me at the moment.

  3. I scored a 1425 and my favorite music remains to be hip hop, rock and pop, not to say I don’t ever listen to classical, Chopin would be my favorite. All this shows is what music is being targeted towards which audience. Lyrically, lil wayne appeals to a crowd that perhaps wasn’t exposed to classical music at any age? This would probably work out better if it included perception, targeted audience and not specific artists but genres.
    It’s an interesting experiment but it ignores the fact that upbringing has a lot to do with it, My father’s favourite music is jazz, blues and classical, I constantly heard it as a child, and wasn’t exposed to pop culture at the age of about 12.

  4. the title of the post is “Music That Makes You Dumb”… i think the connection is pretty obviously implied! not saying it’s the truth, but i think there’s definitely an element of that here.

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  7. Love Against Me by the way. I don’t agree that certain kinds of music make you stupid. What it might be is that a particular moral majority that listens to a particular kind of music might not be the smartest people in the world. For example, lil Wayne or any hip hop for that matter doesn’t seem to be listened to by many “smart” people. As well as country. Those forms of music are simpleton at best. Which might say something about the people who listen.

  8. After days of angry exchanges between Paris and London, both sides called for a ceasefire. A senior British diplomatic source said: “I hope all this calms down soon, as it is not in anyone’s interest for it to continue. That, I believe, is why the French prime minister called Nick Clegg on Friday afternoon [to build bridges].”

  9. 2011-4-10 15:35:20 by ← → arrow keys to flip Editor’s note: the days drifting away, but it is very clear days the educated youth to stay in the depths of memory, while in spontaneous labor busy, huh cultural activities, musical the music, pleasant voice pierced the night silence under, to disperse the fatigue, so that we forget the trouble and sorrow; regards to the author! – September 1968, my knowledge with young people in Shenyang City, countryside and mountainous areas of the army, came to the Xinmin County Liuzhun Gong Club Fort nest orchid house a small unit, day wore stars, Tangzhuo dew come down to earth farm work, accompanied by the setting sun, watching the smoke drift delicate call it a day to go home, to accept a poor peasant’s re-education. Despite the heavy physical labor every day, we still maintain the vigor of youth and the spirit of optimism. When the night hit, the young point utterly still without electricity, we stared at the dark glitter of small kerosene lamp trance, there is always a lonely feeling lonely and sad thoughts of their loved ones. So, I find fun in the bitter, self-reliance, self-huh cultural activities. I used birch rod produced erhu, gehu the piano bar, a few small wooden stick into the erhu, qin tube Hu leather, qin tube front with into a piano surface, qin tube behind the plywood hollow carved with times to sneak into the barn, secretly from a big white horse’s tail on a white-tailed hair washed Jiuxia made; I also use a length of bamboo cf clarinet refers to the location of the hole, hook furnace burns with finger holes, cut a small block write on the plastic plate mill made of reeds, one blow and the clarinet really sound the same; I also point to the second team youth, students learn to Liyou Ming Ruan production process, came back with my half-baked woodworking, and soon one of Nguyen quickly turned into a. Long summer night, we climbed a few boys, . Subsequently, one song after another lively music, a branch emotional songs from our hands and mouth out, we live in the village from the southeast corner of the quiet village fly, fly to fruits, vegetables breathing of fish jack fields, night flying white light under the Shenyang show … … vaguely remember the songs we sing: car the revolutionary model opera excerpts … …. roof on the melodious sound of the piano, singing the next breaking the night silence, brings laughter, driving the day’s fatigue, but also enrich and strengthen our boring life content. I remember I was welding a small transistor radio, shorthand way to record and listen to radio broadcasts while the music score and revolutionary model operas, after finishing the evening brought Chuiladanchang, a time we always interest from morning to night dynamic, too busy to forget the troubles and sadness, happiness is all around us surrounded. Singing Pieces also attracted to watch the members uncle smoking his bags, holding the child’s aunt, as well as interested in our young members. Which members of the whistle blowing great Dong, his whistle a tie with our band, not to mention really have taste; members Zhu brother brought an erhu from home, teach us to play A song, music sound, we never tired of, interest is strong, has time to forget the night. Impressed me, that is, Treasure Island incident was widely circulated poem according to the martyrs Chen Shaoguang adaptation of a song called Firm majestic songs, such as complaints, such as weeping, optimistic and romantic, so far seems to still echo in the ears: blood, happy to celebrate the world

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