Earthquake & Tsunami Warning

To All Malaysian, please pay attention. An earthquake already reach Indonesia just now. Tsunami Alert also already activated. Malaysian Gov also asking all the people that work / stay in the tallest and highest  building to went out from the buildings for a while.

Tsunami Warning:

Original Source/Credit to  CNN

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6 struck Indonesia on Wednesday, the U.S Geological Survey said.

The quake was recorded about 33 miles from Padang, Sumatra.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a tsunami watch for Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

Full News Here: CNN


JAKARTA 30 Sept. – Pusat Amaran Tsunami Pasifik mengeluarkan amaran tsunami kepada Indonesia, Malaysia, India dan Thailand ekoran gempa bumi kuat 7.6 pada skala Richter menggegar pulau Sumatera hari ini.

Agensi Meteorologi Indonesia memaklumkan, gegaran itu berpusat di dasar laut Sumatera.

Badan Peninjau Geologi Amerika Syarikat (AS) menyatakan magnitud gempa itu sekuat 7.9 pada skala Richter.

Gegaran akibat gempa itu dirasai di bangunan-bangunan tinggi di Jakarta, begitu juga Singapura dan Malaysia.

Tiada laporan tentang ombak besar atau kecederaan setakat ini.


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