How my life begin here…!

How my life will move on during this couple of month / year.. I will start working on shifting rotation 4days work and 3 days rest / 3 days works and 4 days rest … Yes that means.. Every day I must work for 12 hours. Then go back just sleep and wake up on next morning or evening to work again.

I will update my knowledge about the UNIX administration. Seriously I never have any server experience before, 0 % . But I already attend the NCLP Course & Linux Server Administration Course before. So I have a little bit knowledge about that..

Yesterday I went to Cyberjaya for the induction. The funniest things I only the guy that wear jeans n tshirt hahaha… I never know the company dress code. Back to Intel I just wear the jeans n tshirt every day haha…no dress code in Intel… At there are around 5 guys including me.. the other 4 guy are Windows people…and I the only UNIX people over there(wearing the jeans n tshirt). Start from today I must wear the casual dress to work.. except on Friday.. can wear jeans..but must wear tshirt with color. I feel like in school already.. But this is the rules.. every employee should follow the rules.. u can’t break it.. Only Michael Scolfield can do that… So I will identify the business environment in my new working place –HP.. You should show you attitude and the corporate image to other. That the policies… Did you all meet your Managing Director before.. Yes I do today.. We went to the office tour.. and meet up the Managing Director.. He just can stop his meeting for a while… just too meet us.. He is the nice person..He also give us some motivation about the jobs and our career path after 1 or 2 year.. What should you do after that…? YES I need to take this opportunity as my ticket to fly….

Why I should do in my rest day.. Maybe on standby… If not.. What I must do…?

The first thing is study.. Learn more about UNIX.. Oh.. I forget about my NCLP exam again… I must sit it on 28… If don’t have leave on that day I will postpone again.. I need my working schedule now.. Plz… Currently I already have the 3 modules on UNIX SA & Networking. Yes time to learn something new..

That I should enjoy more… Yes I need it… I need to enjoy with my new jobs.. And spent more time with friends.. Do a lot of activity.. I’m in KL lol…not Kulim look the death town hahaha… I think I should be a little bit boring coz I don’t have any special Girl Friend… A little bit jaded.. I should look for it…? That I’m right… I no need to care about the other filling … also no need take about her… haha make my life enjoy and heaven huhuhu…

I need to fulfill my life a lot of activity now (clubbing.. hahaha no way.. I’m not the smoker and drinker.. no need liquor on cigarettes).. I need to archive something that more and more better than n
ow.. What that I doing last time let it go… Looking forward… We can’t get all that in the same time.. at least one in the particular times..

I will update the second part of my life in new workplace at HP later…

*Why I start to blogging about my life…?

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  1. The solution is to gradually become free of societal rewards and learn how to substitute for them rewards that are under one’s own powers. This is not to say that we should abandon every goal endorsed by society; rather, it means that, in addition to or instead of the goals others use to bribe us with, we develop a set of our own.

  2. While I agree that this graph is unscientific, it still represents what EVERYONE on here knows but is to afraid to say aloud : Fans of rap and other “black” music consistently show a lower intelligence than others on average.

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