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Tepung oh Tepung


Tgk pic ni ……hahaha…dua birthday boy… Rachman on 1st January and aku 6 January….

Biasa la kalau birthday time kalau tak kena tepung mmg tak sah la kan…ni semua idea office mate aku la…macam mana la aku boleh pergi duduk lak kat situ….mmg senang la kena… 😉 tp enjoy la gak….korang mmg terbaik la…..makan pun byk..sampai nak bocor perut… 🙂


Location: Al Rawsha Restaurant

Time: 08 January 2010



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36 thoughts on "Tepung oh Tepung"

  • mamanova says:

    padan muka cik adi..
    ala,duk kat situ ntah2 da tao nk kna serang..


  • HP IT India says:

    saja ja tue mamanova

  • BlackHowling says:

    Tak cukup bahan ka? Aku kena teruk kot. SIOT.

  • akuadi says:

    mmg xtau la nak kena serang langsung….sob 🙁

  • akuadi says:

    sejak bila GCI baca blog ni….hahaha

  • akuadi says:

    ala relaks la adib…tu rezeki kau…hahaha 😉

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  • Kristen Nush says:

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